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About Granny Priest

The Rev. Stephanie Chase Bradbury

I am an Episcopal Priest, wife, mother, grandmother, and joyful child of God. While I have been ordained for over twenty-three years in the church, my passion for knowing God, and sharing my love of God with others, goes beyond traditional church. As a progressive Christian, I seek an alternative Orthodoxy, within the Perennial Tradition. I invite you therefore to watch my humorous videos, listen to my sermons, and ponder my reflections for short, inviting, meaningful steps along life's spiritual journey.


BA                                                    The University of Virginia

MDiv.                                               Yale Divinity School

Certificate of Anglican Studies     Berkeley Divinity School

Episcopal Church

Ordination to the Diaconate: 1996

Ordination to the Priesthood: 1997

Currently Serving

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Wakefield, Massachusetts

Other Involvement

Founder and Facilitator for the IANDS* Christian Sharing Group

Founder and Facilitator for the IANDS* Christian Clergy Sharing Group

Past Experience

Moderator, Panel discussion at the Annual IANDS*        

            Conference entitled, "The Power of a Transformed Consciousness:

             NDEs as Inspiration for Spiritual Growth."

*International Association of Near-Death Studies

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