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I Wrote a Book!

Do you believe God loves all people, even if they aren’t Christian? That racism is a sin? That God loves LGBTQ+ folks? That men and women are equal? That God’s plan includes Universal salvation? Then this is the book of sermons for you!

In a culture where Christianity has become associated with hatred and narrow-mindedness, here is a book with nugget-sized reflections on a God and Christianity which truly reflects the love of Jesus.

Some of the sermon topics include:

  • Mindfulness

  • The gift of spiritual experiences

  • The Kingdom of God is a changed consciousness

  • Divorce can be a faithful option

  • The spirituality of imperfection

  • The Divine Feminine

If you take your spiritual life seriously, or would like to, avoid the noise, the posturing, and the judgement, and read this book. These sermons for the progressive Christian, or other spiritual seeker, offer refreshment for the soul.

No matter your background, you are infinitely precious to God. Live it and know it in your heart. This book will help.

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