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Please sign up for my Substack newsletter, as this grannypriest website will end soon

I have moved my work from this grannypriest website over to Substack. You can find me there at "Jesus and the Enchanted Cosmos" or under my name "Rev. Stephanie C. Bradbury." Here is a direct link: Jesus and the Enchanted Cosmos.

If you love traditional Christian theology and focusing on sin, this is not your newsletter. If you like mystics, Quantum Physics, and consciousness studies, you are my people. Jesus and the Enchanted Cosmos explores topics like Near-Death and other mystical experiences, Christian mystics, various aspects of the transcendent realm, the future of Christianity, mystical Christian theology, consciousness, angels, Jesus, miracles, the problem with materialism, universal salvation, the oneness of all, and how science is catching up with Jesus.

What sort of universe do these experiences describe? In what way do they match what Jesus was trying to teach us? In what ways do they match, or not, what Christianity has often taught? Have we misunderstood part of the gospel message? How can we use this insight to live fuller, healthier, deeper lives, knowing ourselves to be the beloved of God?

“The Christian of the future will be a mystic or they will not exist at all.” - Karl Rahner

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