The Spiritual Life

We are all spiritual beings trying to figure out how to make sense of life in our physical bodies, as well as connect with God. Religion is a tool to help us sort this out, but like any tool it can be used well or poorly. I hope here to share some insights I have learned of the Spiritual Life, some from the Episcopal Church, and some from other wisdom. Just as we nurture our physical, intellectual, psychological, and emotional well-being, so too all human beings are to nurture their spiritual well-being. This is a happy task of our life journey.

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About Granny Priest

The Rev. Stephanie Chase Bradbury

I am an Episcopal Priest, wife, mother, grandmother, and joyful child of God. While I have been ordained for over twenty-three years in the church, my passion for knowing God, and sharing my love of God with others, goes beyond traditional church. As a progressive Christian, I seek an alternative Orthodoxy, within the Perennial Tradition. I invite you therefore to watch my humorous videos, listen to my sermons, and ponder my reflections for short, inviting, meaningful steps along life's spiritual journey.


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