The Spiritual Life

We are all spiritual beings trying to figure out how to make sense of life in our physical bodies, as well as connect with God. Religion is a tool to help us sort this out, but like any tool it can be used well or poorly. I hope here to share some insights I have learned of the Spiritual Life, some from the Episcopal Church, and some from other wisdom. Just as we nurture our physical, intellectual, psychological, and emotional well-being, so too all human beings are to nurture their spiritual well-being. This is a happy task of our life journey.


About Granny Priest

The Rev. Stephanie Chase Bradbury

I am an Episcopal Priest, wife, mother, grandmother, and joyful child of God. While I have been ordained for over twenty-three years in the church, my passion for knowing God, and sharing my love of God with others, goes beyond traditional church. As a progressive Christian, I seek an alternative Orthodoxy, within the Perennial Tradition. I invite you therefore to watch my humorous videos, listen to my sermons, and ponder my reflections for short, inviting, meaningful steps along life's spiritual journey.


Recent Posts

Sermon preached on Easter Sunday 2020. God does not seek tit for tat punishment for poor behavior, we don't "go to hell" for our mistakes, rather God seeks a transformed consciousness.

August 31, 2019

 What two main truths, if lived out, would change Earth to a paradise?

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, we used to hear rumors about a couple of professors in a department at the University who were actually trying to do experiments regarding life after death. Rumor was that each had promised the other that whoev...

On April 10th I was pleased to be interviewed for the postcast "Leap from Within" hosted by Bernice Gonzalez. In it we discussed how our humanity, and in fact all of creation,  contains both the physical and the spiritual.

You can find Bernice at

A little over a year ago my sister introduced me to the Law of Attraction. In effect the Law of Attraction posits that all reality is a construct of our thoughts. We think the material world into existence through thought. The material world does not exist independentl...

Granny Priest here! Welcome to all who are followers of my blog and vlog. I sadly do not post as much as I'd like because creating these videos take time, and with a full-time job there isn't as much time to create as I'd like. So I've decided to try something a little...

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August 31, 2019

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